What Programming Language Is SQL?


I am considering your SQL course. If I sign up, what kind of program or compiler or such would I need to enable me to program in this language?

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    One Response to "What Programming Language Is SQL?"

    1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   April 27, 2011 at 1:31 PM

      The SQL Programming Language is a VENDOR NEUTRAL, ANSI STANDARD, SET-BASED Query based language. That being said, every vendor in the market implements SQL a little differently. We focus on or teach Microsoft SQL which is also known as TSQL or Transact-SQL.

      1. How Do You Download Transact-SQL (TSQL)?

        The TSQL Programming Language comes with SQL Server when you download and install it. When you enroll for Sql Boot Camp Training, we will give you a link for downloading a free but fully functional SQL Server Database Software which you can then install on your Machine.

      2. What Is The Hardware For T-SQL Programming Language?

        We prefer that you use a Windows based operating system (Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.) but if you have a MAC Operating System (OS), we will give you a web-based SQL Server Database which means that you won’t install anything on your MAC Computer since you will be administering SQL Server through a web-based interface.

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