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What is the best database application to replace MS Access?
My current Access databases which I used for work has now expired, so I need to find a new database for my records.
I used them for transaction records & inventory.
So, what is the best database that can replace Access and can also convert all my forms, queries, and tables to it\'s format?


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What do you mean has expired. There is nothing better then Access when it comes to a client based program. Server wise, your best bet would be MS SQL Server. But there is also MySql, Oracle, and PostgeSQl (and a couple others).\n\nI don\'t understand why you have to move away from Access though, your not going to find anything better, IMO.
Try OpenOffice..
Since Access is non-standard in many ways, no other will convert it properly unless you are very lucky in the routines you have used. You are better looking at a more commercial system like mysql and possibly running it as a web based system. You can do this on any machine using an Apache server download (free) like WAMP. This includes the web server, php to control the data and the mysql database server. You can then build a database which can handle much more data and is faster and more reliable. This would allow you to gain access to it from any machine in a network. It is also future proof, as it could be run on a dedicated server later if it becomes very big, just by copying the files over.
I too am curious about \"My current Access databases which I used for work has now expired\". What do You mean by \"expired\"?\n\nHas your Company dropped it\'s licensing? The best way then would be to renew license, since any other programs that can convert the forms & reports would require licenses of thier own anyway.\n\nIs it an old version like Access 2.0? Access 97 can read those and convert them to it\'s format, but You would need to do some \"tweaking\".\n\nIs it Access \'97? Access XP, 2003, and 2007 can all read an convert those.\n\nHave You outgrown MS Access in sheer size? Microsoft has programs to convert MS ACCESS DBs to MS SQLServer, which is designed for handleing larger amounts of data.\n\nI would LOVE to give You a single staright-forward answer, but there isn\'t one...
Converting to anything is a huge headache. If MS Access was working find for you before, I strongly suggest you try to resolve the whatever issue you may be having there. Access doesn\'t expired. My guess is some error message you are getting? Try to post those here and see if someone can help you fix it. One of my suspicion is that you may have exceed 2GB limit. At the time, it usually stop responding. There is a way to get around that as well. Will be glad to help if you can email me.