What database software to learn to get a job?


Oracle, MS SQL Server (with Transact SQL), or some smaller vendor’s database such as mySQL? Or even MS Access?

Oracle has the largest market share and it runs on multi-platforms.

MS SQL is limited to MS Windows even though there’s some movement to make it run on non-MS Windows platform.

It’s also easier to learn than Oracle.

MS Access doesn’t seem to be a marketable skill, even though most of small databases are in Access at most companies.

What do you think is the best database software to get a job in database industry? I have field experience only with Access and Membership Plus.

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One Response to "What database software to learn to get a job?"

  1. Wrong!   December 10, 2010 at 5:06 AM

    you need to learn both, but SQL provides more long term opportunity. As a manager I had an immediate need for a MS Access expert. But the reality of the project and ultimate goal required a more in depth knowledge and framework such as your SQL. Think about your longterm goals. you probably want ot do real programming. Knowledge of both will keep you employed. Access may have you doing, financial analyst and other related work. (If you could bridge the two worlds it would do wonders for your carer as well.) While SQL will keep you moreso in your computer programming realm.

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