What Are the Software Requirements for Learning SQL?


Do I need to download sql server software on my computer to complete the lessons etc. or is the software built in on your server, kp.

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One Response to "What Are the Software Requirements for Learning SQL?"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   April 27, 2011 at 12:13 PM

    Yes, you are going to have to install SQL Server but you don’t have to pay for a software license because it is free.

    The software requirements for learning SQL on a MAC OS is different from the software requirements for learning SQL on a Windows Computer.

    1. Software Requirements For Learning SQL on a Windows Computer

      If you have a Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Based computer, you can download the latest version of Sql Server and install it.

      We will give you instructions for doing this after you enroll for the training.

    2. Software For Learning SQL on a MAC Computer

      If you are on a MAC or you cannot afford to buy a Windows Computer, you will be given access to a web-based, private SQL Server database installation so that you can learn SQL.

    3. Software Requirements For Watching SQL Training Videos

      The SQL / Database Training Videos run on your browser, so whether you use Internet Explorer, FireFox or Google Chrome, you will still be able to watch the videos because they are web-based and they run in your browser.

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