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What are the prerequisites for learning relational databases?
I am a very skilled user in Word and Excel and I am learning to use
Microsoft Access.
Are Microsoft Word and Excel skills necessary or helpful to learning relational databases?
Also, I have basic self taught IT skills and i have been using the computer since the 70\'s.
I am developing a local database for about 200 prices of heavy equipment.
My design has about 8 tables and as many forms and reports.
Do I need Visual basic and perhaps not SQL for the SQL Boot Camp?
My education is a B.S and MS Ed.

The prerequisites for learning relational databases

You need to have strong familiarity with the Ms Office suite of applications (Word, Excel).
The SQLBootCamp.com course is open to beginners or students without a knowledge of programming or SQL ... because we take you through all those basics before moving on to the more advanced databases development and SQL query courses.
You don\'t need to worry about pre-installing additional software programs on your machine as long as you have a computer that is equipped to get on the internet and run office productivity applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.
You don\'t need to learn Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) except if you want to also learn software development.
If you feel that learning VBA is required for your job, contact us and we will add it to your course.


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