SQL Boot Camp

What application should I use to start learning SQL?
I am moderate with HTML, CSS and want to practice using SQL.
What is the best program to begin working on this.
I will be downloading the program with torrents, so I have access to pretty much anything.
Thank you for your help.


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Your question doesn\'t make a lot of sense, what are you downloading via Torrents? In any case, HTML and CSS have nothing to do with Databases and SQL. You\'ll need to also learn some server-side scripting language such as PHP or Ruby, even Perl is a good choice. Server-side script receives HTML request, cleanses/validates inputs, executes database query.
you are admitting you will steal any software you need so you will have to get the answer from someone else. It is thieves / software pirates like you that make software expensive for those of us who BUY what we need.
Try online learning:\n\nhttp:/www.sql-ex.ru/help/
Depends on what program you\'re using to control SQL, and which SQL you\'re using.\n\nI decided on MySQL, using PHP.\nI recently learned PHP using Adobe Dreamweaver. It\'s a pretty cool program, except it\'s super heavy on CPU usage, for no apparent reason.\n\nAlso you\'ll want WAMP server to test your MySQL database and PHP programs.\n\nIf you have some OOP (Object Oriented Programming) experience, such as C++ or Java, and you\'re very committed, you can learn PHP completely in about 2 or 3 weeks.\n\nI learned by following along with the free flash tutorials from this site. It was absolutely fantastic, and I am amazed it\'s free.\nhttp://www.killerphp.com/\n\nIt\'s tough, but if you watch the video tutorials from start to finish, and code alongside, you\'ll finish knowing everything you need to know about using PHP with SQL.\n\nFeel free to Email or IM me any questions about it.\n\nEmail: kaptinn@gmail.com\nAIM: Kaptinn Kyle\nMSN: kaptinn@gmail.com\nYahoo IM: kaptinn@ymail.com
To Anonymous,
So, in order to train on the software, he should not be allowed to Test the software? Get off of your high horse! If it was not for Microsoft stealing Ideas from other companies, forcing its software on everyone, we would not be where we are now.
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