The Database Or Sql Job Description


Hi Sir,

I got your contact information through your blog.

I need some guidance regarding making a career in SQL.

I just need to know would it be a good move to work on getting certified in this regards and what certifications would be helpful.

Also, need to know what scope it has in near future.

Also the questions mentioned here also need answers for my perspective especially

How to Transition into a Database Career or SQL Programming Career

How to Gain Hands-On Database Experience

How to Improve SQL Skills or Get Cutting Edge SQL Query Writing Experience or Get an In-Depth Knowledge of Relational Databases

How to Transition your skills between different Database Platforms

How to Learn SQL Easily

How to Choose between Different SQL Career Options

Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

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One Response to "The Database Or Sql Job Description"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   July 28, 2011 at 9:16 AM
    • Is Certifications A Good Move?

      You may get Oracle certifications or Sql Server certifications or MySql certifications as these are the major database platforms.

      What is more helpful than certifications is getting some handson database / Sql experience. As a general rule, Information Technology (IT) professionals are hired for their skills and handson experience more than they are hired for their certifications.

    • How Do You Transition Into A Database Or SQL Career?

      You can start by first learning sql either on your own or through a training program like the Sql Boot Camp.

      Certifications are also helpful as they provide you with a self study curriculum but do not assume that getting a certification guarantees you a job. It is job another way of learning Sql.

      A certification provides you with a curriculum that you can follow and learn Sql or Databases but it does not guarantee you a job!

      What guarantees you a job is completing a number of sequential steps: learning Sql + databases on your own through self study or through training or through certifications and then, getting handson experience.

    • How To Transition Your Skills Between Different Database Platforms

      If you really master the concepts of relational database development on any enterprise database platform, you would be able to pickup the nuances or differences in the syntax used on other Relational Database Platforms relatively easily.

      So, start learning one relational database and master it completely.

      As a matter of fact, worrying about learning other relational database platforms before you master one, is like putting the cart before the horse.

      There are general principles of Relational Database Design & Development that are taught in the Sql Boot Camp which will help you learn or master any other database platform. For example, if you learn or master Normalization, you will be able to Normalize a Relational Database based on Microsoft Access, Sql Server or Oracle after spending a relatively short time getting up to speed with the way that database platform works.

      Also, if you understand the concepts of INNER JOINS, OUTER JOINS or SubQueries, you figure out how to write a SubQuery in a new database platform relatively easily.

      So, if you want to have portable database or cross-platform database skills, follow the lead of Sql Boot Camp and first study or understand those SQL Query Writing / Relational Database Principles that are applicable to any database platform.

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