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Quebec Preschool Childcare Educator Changing Careers to Database QA
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Hello there. My name is Kimberly but sometimes I\'m called Miss Kimberly Joy because my current profession is of a Preschool Educator.
I use to work with my brother in a software company as a QA and Customer Service agent. There are times where I would miss my QA job.
So my question is, is there a way to restart my QA job (we worked with SQL databases) and keep my current child care profession as part-time?
I\'m passionate about both. What do you think? Oh! I\'m also brushing up my SQL skills by reading "Learning SQL" by the O\'Reilly series.
Is it possible to keep both professions (Childcard & Computer Programming)?
I love working with children in a child-care center but I do want to go back to working with computers.
I use to be a QA and Customer Service Representative but life challenges got in the way and then I decided to pursuit my child care passion.
It\'s been almost 3 years working with children but now I have a burning desire to go back to the software company who\'s always looking for QAs or Programmers.
My thought process was to work part-time at both jobs but is this realistic? Oh, I\'m engaged and would like to have children soon so I need to think of the future as well.
Thanks for all your help.

  1. Are Part-Time Database Developer Jobs Available?

    Yes, part-time database developer jobs are available and of course, you can work part-time as a database developer and part-time as a child care professional.

    Having said this, it is not going to be easy to find a part-time database developer job because most Information Technology (IT) Jobs are full-time and any time you ask for a part-time job, you are going against the grain / tradition which.

    So, it is not a question of whether you can find a part-time database developer job but whether you are willing to work very hard and be persistent / resourceful enough till you get it.

  2. How Do You Get A Part-Time Database Developer Job?

    • First, learn / master database design. You have nothing to talk about or to do or even worry about until you have taken the first / essential steps of learning / mastering relational database design, development and SQL Query Writing.

    • Start a blog

      Use your blog to talk to the database developer industry.

      A Blog is a networking and marketing opportunity and it will help you create relationships with people who can use your services.

    • Network on LinkedIn.

      Join as many database developer jobs as possible, answer database development questions to showcase your expertise.

    • Market Your Resume Aggressively.

      Apply for as many jobs as possible and when you get a job interview, aim to blow them away with your personality and your expertise.

      Then negotiate for what you want ... in terms of part-time work at the end of the interview, when you actually have a job offer.

      After you are sure that they like you and that you have a job offer, tell them that you don\'t want to work a full 8-hour day and that you are willing to take a pay cut for that too.

    • Start A Database Consulting Business.

      Start your own database design, development / consulting business because this is one of the best ways to manage the risks / challenges inherent in pursuing your passion.

      By starting your own database design & development business, you are accepting the fact that finding a normal / typical job is out of the question.

      You are also saying that you are willing to take your career / destiny into your own hands.

      As the boss of your own business, you can set your own hours.

These are just some tips that can get you started on the road to a part-time database developer job.

It will not be easy and it will probably take some time, but, it can be done with persistence and hard work.

Best Wishes!

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