Microsoft Access or SQL Server Training for Financial Data Analysts?


Hi dear,

I work as a Jr. financial analyst, but mostly as a claims specialist.

I have experience using excel but minimum experience with Access. My goal is to become a financial data analyst as described on your site.

My reason for seeking your help is because my minimum systems experience with Access and SQL are hurting my chance of getting pass the first stage of interviews.

I’ve been searching for a course like yours for a while now, so you can imagine how happy I am.

My so far is in the interested in the Access training, the SQL training program, and the data analyst training.

It looks to me that the Access and SQL are combined into one course under the SQL/Database training course, or is there a separate course for Access Training?

Please clarify. Since I’m also interested in the data analyst training would this interfere with the systems training, or do I have to complete the training one at a time?

Will I be required to take them at the same time?

I would like to know the price for the SQL/Database training and the data analyst training.

I would also like to know the price for the Access, SQL, and the data analyst training if the first two (access and SQL) are not combined.

How long after payment can I start the training?

I know this sounds like a lot of questions, for that I’m sorry. Also thank you in advance.

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One Response to "Microsoft Access or SQL Server Training for Financial Data Analysts?"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   July 10, 2011 at 9:15 PM
    • Microsoft Access or Sql Server, Which Is Better for Data Analysts

      In the late 90s, Microsoft Access was the preferred database for a lot of data analysts but these days, Microsoft Access is regarded as a light-weight tool and Sql Server is the preferred database for enterprise computing work.

    • As a database, Sql Server can store more data than Microsoft Access and it also allows more extensive coding with its Transact-Sql programming language than Access Sql

    • The Sql Boot Camp does not cover Microsoft Access at all.

      Sql Boot Camp teaches Sql Server Sql Querying and Database Design / Development.

      Sql Boot Camp does not teach or offer any Microsoft Access courses at the moment because Sql Server is an enterprise, high-performing and reliable compared to Microsoft Access

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