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I am a married man with 4 children, aged 49yrs. I am not working, i have retrenched from the work this year 2011.

I have high school certificate. I am very interested in typing online job because i have basic education on this from school.

p>I am also very interested in ENTRY-LEVEL DATABASE PROCESSING. I need assistant or a free course for this. I am person who likes to work 24hrs.


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There are lots of jobs online for those who are resourceful and determined to succeed.

Granted, getting a database job world require some serious self study or coaching / training, however, you don\'t have to focus on getting a database job especially when you can\'t afford the training.

  1. Focus on learning how to write web articles. The learning curve is very low and you can get a job more easily or readily

  2. Learn the language of the web. If you are willing to work 24 hours, invest your energy into mastering HTML and CSS. There are also a good number of HTML and CSS jobs online.

  3. If you have learned \"How To Write Articles, \"HTML and CSS\" as I adviced, you will be able to raise the money to learn database platforms like MySQL and / or SQL Server either from textbooks or from a training program.

Following these steps will help you get gainfully employed in the shortest possible time and also allow you to build your skills and experience towards the point where you can Pay For a Database Class by yourself.
Best Wishes