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Is there any hands on training for SQL Server?
I am planning to learn SQL Server.
I was wondering if there is any website or school (in Northern California) for learning SQL Server.
By the way, I already know the basic of SQL using MySQL, but I find it difficult to install SQL Server(the free version).
So, I am thinking to take one of those classes that you do not need to install anything.


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I would always suggest that you start with free online resources. In the case of SQL Server, I\'d say that you just can\'t beat some of the How To information found on Microsoft\'s MSDN site. Go to the following page for useful how to articles, videos, etc.\n\nhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlserver/bb895927.aspx
One thing you could do is get a site host that comes with SQL Server installed. For all other purposes, HostMonster would be great, but it doesn\'t come with it.\n\nGoDaddy is really cheap and you get an SQL Server installed for you.\n\nPS check out the site www.ebooks-space.com. You will probably love it.
I have attended several classes given by Hands On Technology Transfer and have been very satisfied with every aspect of instruction.\n\nSpecifically, I have attended two SQL classes given by them that had an immediate positive impact on my job performance.\n\nDisclaimer: I am not employed by, remunerated by, or in any way associated with the above named company. I am only a satisfied customer.\n\n...
http://idealprogrammer.com/databases/sql-server/sql-server-2005-express-tutorial-13-free-videos/ - 13 free video tutorials.