How To Learn Sql or Databases after SAP HR / Payroll?



I’m an IT professional with SAP HR / Payroll background and willing to expand my IT knowledge base.

What would you advise I go for in order to be more relevant in the IT industry and also for career progression.


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One Response to "How To Learn Sql or Databases after SAP HR / Payroll?"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   July 10, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    As an IT professional with a HR / SAP background, consider learning these skills so that you are even more relevant to the industry or attain faster career progression.

    1. Learn an enterprise, high performing relational database like Oracle or Sql Server.

      Do not waste your time learning either Microsoft Access or MySql until you have learned one of these enterprise databases.

    2. Learn or master web development using HTML, XHTML and CSS.

      These courses are light programming languages unlike CSharp, ASP.NET, PHP or Visual Basic which are complex programming languages.

    3. If you enjoyed learning CSS and XHTML, then consider learning a programming language like CSharp and ASP.NET which will make your skills / portfolio relevant to a lot of Information Technology (IT) jobs.

      If you do not like learning CSS / XHTMl then do not waste your time with trying to learn ASP.NET, C# or PHP.

    4. If you enjoy documenting projects and working with customers / stakeholders to gather or validate the requirements for a project, consider learning business analysis.

      If you do not like documenting or communicating the requirements for a project but you are have good leadership skills, consider becoming a project manager or studying about project management!

    I hope that you find these tips helpful, best of luck with your career 🙂

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