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My situation is little unique, but nonetheless for now my focus is completing the course i have enrolled for, and hoping to get good understanding of the curriculum you have published - that can minimise my challenge to some degree.
By the way, i like the contents of the course.
Hello SQL team,
I would like to know the easiest way of joining tables in a database.
If you have SQL Server Management Studio installed and you have all the appropriate foreign keys and primary keys, ypu can drag the tables to the View tab and use SQL Server\'s Graphical User Interface (GUI) to quickly generate the queries.
But, if you know SQL, it is even simpler to write the SQL Statement directly by hand into a SQL Server Query Window ...
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Who Is Responsible For My Database Training?

Initially my goal was to become a business / Business Intelligence analyst but I have not gotten the chance to get the hands on that is so necessary.
At age 45 I think it has gotten worse I am thinking of changing career.
How can I get exposure to the top BI software and tools?
I am also interested in dong the SQL and database design course.
I have wasted 25 years in an organization and going no where.
First, Just to be absolutely clear, learning SQL and / or database design is not the same thing as learning business intelligence. Though these fields are related, they are not the same thing, OK?
Secondly, some of the major business intelligence (BI) tools are designed to work with a specific databases. So, you have to decide which BI Stack you are comfortable with learning, e.g., SQL Server\'s BI tools vs. Oracle\'s BI tools.
Finally, download and install the free / evaluation copies of the Business Intelligence (BI) Stack / Tools you have chosen from the vendor\'s website, buy a good book (there are lots of them) and then just learn it ...

Don\'t Wait On Someone Else To Do ... What You Can Do For Yourself.

By this I mean, you have waited so many years for your employer to give you this opportunity ... why not just learn it by yourself?

  1. Take Responsibility For Your Learning:

    It used to be that when you are hired by an employer, you will work with that employer for a really long time.

    That employer will be responsible for your training, college education and in exchange they got your loyalty and dedication.

    That era, is long gone and is not going to come back again. You are now totally responsible for your skills, your learning and your personal development.

    While a few, really exceptional companies will train you and invest in your personal development, the rest will not.

  2. Improve Your Self Study Skills:

    Technology changes so rapidly, and their are so many facets to learning, that to cover all your bases, you have to learn how to self study.

    Their will be times when the skills / tools that you expect to learn will not be affordable or available or perhaps convenient for you to learn from others and when that happens, the only way forward is to learn / study by yourself.

    The internet and search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo make it easy to find information on almost any technical / non-technical topic.

    Granted, their are disadvantages to learning with Search Engines: the lack of curriculums, study guides or roadmaps and the difficulty of learning from static text / webpages.

    Search Engines are still credible and important sources of information.

  3. Make Your Own Opportunities In Life:

    Instead of sitting around, waiting for your employer to do something, set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely) goals for yourself.

    Plan what you are going to learn, exams you are going to take, certifications you are going to obtain, even exit times from your current employer ... if you so desire.

    The idea is to shake of any apathy and get into the habit of taking action ... the kind of action that will benefit your career.

That is it. Now, you know what you need to do to change your career and your life, go do it!

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