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I am a Masters of Infomation Systems Management Student at Keller Graduate School of Devry University.

I have a 4.0 GPA. I am still in my beginning classes.
I have not started on anything related to the core technical courses.
I do not have an IT background.
My problem is that I have had so many IT professionals, other professors tell me that I am making a huge mistake.
And, that when I graduate, I will not be able to do anything with my degree.
They say these courses are theory based.
What recruiters want is practical experience. I have searched the internet until I am tired of searching.
Trying to find out what types of skills employers expect recent graduates to have.
I understand that they do not want to spend the time and money to train.
I am told that without a background in IT, even a very entry level position is outside my ability.
So, what can I do with my degree? "Roll it up and use it to swat flies!
I am looking for instructor led, online courses in sql, oracle, java, c++, and gaining the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator.
Looking into that? I have found that the certification requires at least 2 years of IT experience.
I try to stay positive. But, with so many people, those in the IT industry telling me that it is impossible to get into IT without experience?
And, that I will be in serious trouble because I will not be able to find a job and I have student loans to pay back.."we feel so sorry for you."
No matter how I try to stick with it to graduate with my core in Database Administration and a Grad Certificate in IT security? Their words echo in my head.
I have searched the internet over for online course style training in various programming languages, sql, and oracle. I can find sql here.
I understand that new graduates generally start at entry-level positions.
I don't expect to graduate and get a DBA position right
I know I will have to be flexible and accept a lower paying position, work my way up.
I am so tired of the negativity. It makes me sick to hear all the comments about what a huge mistake I have made.
What a huge hole I am digging for myself and how I will face bankrutpcy and continued unemployment.
Does anyone have any advice for me. Constructive, positive thoughts on how I can improve my chances of employment after I graduate?
I cannot accept temporary internships because I work full-time.
I can\'t quit my job for that. It doesn't make sense.
I appreciate any help you can give me.


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Congratulations on your 4.0 GPA :-)

Will Your Information Technology (IT) Degree Be Relevant?

Yes, your Information Technology (IT) degree will be helpful to you when you graduate because it will be tough for you to get a job without a college degree.

Now, what your college professors are trying to say is that ... \"you cannot depend on your college degree, even if it is a computer science college degree\", for a job.

In other words, having a computer science / information technology / any college degree, by itself does not guarantee you a job.

There are hundreds of thousands of college degree holders including those with computer science / information technology degres without jobs.

Why is that?

You will need functional education and/or handson experience in a specific career to qualify for a job.

For example, you will need to know business analysis or project management or computer programming to work as a business analyst or project manager or computer programmer respectively.

So, this is what you must do

Choose a specific career and then learn how to perform the roles, responsibilities or tasks associated with that career.

Learn the skills required for a specific career, get some experience in that career ... and you will be qualified for that kind of job.