SQL Boot Camp

How To Find Real World Sql / Database Projects


I am looking for real-world sql training, but more advanced than the basic crap currently available.

I am looking to find good depth of training that would impress the hell out of a sql interview.


  1. Information Technology (IT) careers are performance based because hiring managers and tech leaders believe that the best predictor of your future performance is your past performance

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  2. What is the most important thing on your resume that can get you hired?

    It is not your certifications, educational qualifications or the college / institutions you\'ve attended or who you currently work for!

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  3. It is only after hiring managers are satisfied that you have the required hands-on experience that they will consider other things on your resume like your certifications, major in college or educational qualifications!

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  4. Consider asking your manager to put you on projects where you can get interesting, hands-on experience

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