How To Begin a Data Warehouse Career?


I am a MCA 5th semester student.

I want to start my career in data warehousing but I am not getting enough information pertaining to how to start the career in this field.

Further,I have heard that this field is not for freshers.

So What kind of experience I need to have to gain easy entry into this field?

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One Response to "How To Begin a Data Warehouse Career?"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   July 14, 2011 at 10:54 PM
    • Yes, you are right. A datawarehouse career may not be a good career for fresh college graduate because a lot of experience is required and a lot of responsibility comes with the job and both of these cannot be learned with a college degree.

    • A datawarehouse career involves designing, analyzing or maintaining several enterprise databases.

      Some of these databases may include hundreds of tables with all sorts of relationships between them.

      In addition, there are all sorts of design and performance considerations as well as s strong understanding of the business domain in question. That is why this may not be a good career out of college because business domain experience is usually gained after college (by most people anyway) and the opportunity to manage large, corporate, enterprise databases is usually given to highly skilled and experienced database professionals.

    • You may want to look into becoming a database developer first and then perhaps a database administrator afterwards so that you can start handling or being responsible for your employers production databases before you start getting into the role of aggregating and reporting several enterprise databases in a datawarehouse.

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