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How To Become A GIS Database Administrator (DBA)


  1. Who is a GIS database administator

  2. What does he do?

  3. What are his qualification

  4. Which company does he normally works in?
    thank you


GIS databases stands for Geographic Information Systems Databases or Geospatial Information Studies Database.
A GIS database is a database for geospatial / spatial or geographical data.
A GIS database stores geospatial information which is a combination of maps, 3D images, space/time coordinates (x,y,z points in space time which represent latitude, longitude elevation),
A GIS Database Administrator would typically be a traditional (mid-level / senior) database administrator who is tasked with learning how to store / analyze / manage GIS data / Spatial Application Data.
An organization looking for a GIS DBA would task someone who is already a DBA to take on that additional responsibility as it is going to be very challenging to ask someone who doesn\'t have any DBA experience to learn the complexities of handling large volumes of GIS data as well as perform in the role of a DBA.
A GIS DBA has to handle the tasks performed by a traditional DBA as well as that of a GIS Application / Support Analyst.
While you can learn or study the administrative aspects of a DBA\'s work, you can\'t expect the cumulative handson experience of a traditional DBA to be learned just as easily.
So you should really face the challenges of a traditional DBA\'s work and duties first before you start looking into the complexities, duties and challenges of a specialist DBA career path!


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