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Hello, my name is April, and I am new to the IT world, however, no stranger to doing advanced techy tasks/features in the MS Office applications, such as Excel and Word.

However, my interest now is to totally migrate into the IT field by doing sql server in hopes of either doing that type of work strictly or becoming a data analyst.

I am already signed up on your newsletter and I have rec\'d emails about bootcamps for both career types.

However, my question is that can one really migrate into the IT world with basic knowledge only ... shouldn't one have certifications / degrees?

Simply, how can your training help a novice such as myself to get into the IT world?

Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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  1. Develop your Database Design & Development Skills

    Start by building your Relational Database Design Skills. Relational Database Design theory is the foundation of all Database Development work.

    Then learn Relational Database Development .While Database Design has to do with Normalization, First Normal Form, Second Normal Form, Third Normal Form, Database Integrity and Data Redundancy concepts, Relational Database Development has to do more with knowing how to build tables, primary keys, indexes, constraints, etc. using either the SQL Management Tool or SQL Data Definition Language (DDL).

  2. Learn SQL Query Writing including concepts like INNER JOINS, OUTER JOINS, SUB QUERIES, etc.

    After you design and develop a database, the next thing that you need to learn is how to extract or query the database by joining one or more tables using SQL.

  3. Get Relational Database Experience

    Build a lot of databases and then put them into production meaning get some people to use them.

    As people use your databases, they will give you real-world feedback about such things as the performance of your queries or the number of joins they needed to get information out of the tables. based on all this feedback, improve your relational database design

  4. Update Your Database Developer Resume

    Based on all the work that you have done, update your resume with examples of all the relational database work that you have done in the past and then go out and get a job.

  5. Get More Relational Database Experience

    Getting more experience is always good for you. What you need to do is always be on the lookout for opportunities to get more experience.

    One of the ways to do that is to ask people whose work involves building databases if they will like your help.

    An example of that is web designers who may not know how to build relational databases.

    Contact them and offer to help them with their work by taking over the relational database design & develop tasks and then update your resume with the skills or work experience.

I\'m learning MCPD (Microsoft Certified professional Developer) & I want to become a database developer, so through this course can I become database developer in sql field.