SQL Boot Camp

How much does online SQL Training cost?
What are the costs of this course only or does one need to purchase the entire Bootcamp course so that you have access to all four?
Please can you provide me with the fee structure and what material is provided for this course.
Thank you


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I\'m from nigeria, a volunteer with a health based NGO they they recently appointed me as a data analyst. I have a diploma in computer science, i want 2 go through your online training. What\'s your counsel?
The enrollment fee is $499 per participant. : You may click here to enroll using the payment link
The Sql Boot Camp covers Relational Database + SQL Query Training. Click here to read more about the Sql Boot Camp Training
The training provided for the Sql Boot Camp is done through Videos, Quizzes, Assignments and One-On-One Coaching from an Instructor. I will e-mail you the detailed Sql Boot Camp Curriculum …
Here is a link to more information on the Sql Boot Camp. Using this link, you can also get more information on the Sql Boot Camp Curriculum
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What is the training cost for SQL?

The training cost for learning SQL + Relational Databases Online is : $499 per participant.

Click here to enroll in the Online SQL Training Course

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My goal is to become a SQL Expert!

Before I buy the SQL course. i have a few questions please:
1.after completing the course would i still have access to the course to refresh on my skills when needed?
2.is there a payment plan offered?
3.is there a demo i can see?
4.do you have a special package that would give me access to more than 1 course?
Thank you i am planning to start asap after i receive these answers and i am able to see a demo