How long do I retain access to SQL training videos?


i am interested in taking this boot camp, but how long will i have access to all the training videos and resources?

Does this class prepare for the SQL exam for certification?

Pls advise

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One Response to "How long do I retain access to SQL training videos?"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   July 11, 2011 at 7:39 PM
    1. How long do I retain access to training videos?

      You will retain access to the SQL Training Videos for a minimum of 3 years after you register for training.

      What this means is that your login to Sql Boot Camp’s Learning Management System (LMS) will remain active enabling you to login at any time of the day or night and watch videos as often as you want to.

      This means that you can also use the training videos as reference educational material on your work by reviewing the videos that cover tasks or projects assigned to you!

    2. Do you cover the Sql Exam?

      I hope that you have downloaded the curriculum for Sql Boot Camp and that you have reviewed it?

      By covering the Sql Exam, are you perhaps referring to the Microsoft Sql Server Certification Examinations?

      Well, the Sql Boot Camp is vendor neutral when it comes to certifications. There are participants that use Oracle, Sql Server, MySql, or even Microsoft Access at work and Database Vendors focus only on a their software platform to the exclusion of others.

      If you need to study for a particular Sql Certification Exam as opposed to learning or mastering advanced Sql Queries, etc. you may contact us for our career coaching services and we will help you with that.

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