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Microsoft Access has been around for a while and it still is a popular Relational Database Software.

This issue reviews what you need to know about upgrading your Microsoft Office Access Skills:


  1. Easy of UseMicrosoft Access is one of the easiest relational database platforms used in business because of it's intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).
  2. Office UserMicrosoft Access is popular with business or office people. It is relatively easy to install, configure and use even on a desktop, laptop or home computer which makes it a winner in these scenarios.
  3. Low Support Costs – Unlike enterprise databases like Oracle or even IBM DB2, Microsoft Access databases do not need dedicated database administrators. The Microsoft Access developer (you) in this case is the Database Administrator unlike enterprise databases where there tends to be a split between the duties of a database administrator and the database developer.
  4. Data Entry Forms – Microsoft Access is a unique database for offices because it comes with a set of forms for building data entry (entering, editing, deleting, updating) forms. It eliminates the costs and complexity of building a data entry form using custom tools like you will find with Oracle, IBM DB2 or any other enterprise database.
  5. In-Built Reporting Capability – Microsoft Access also incorporates the ability to generate simple or complex, customized reports based it's data. It is not a full fledged reporting tool like Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services. This eliminates some of the complexity, costs and learning curve associated with building external reports.
  6. In-Built Application Development Tool – One reason why Microsoft Access is an extremely powerful and flexible application is that it allows you to customize or write full-blown software features using a popular and easy to learn programming language known as VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. Many people actually use the VBA feature of Microsoft Access to jump start their programming careers.
  7. Graphical SQL Query Building -Writing SQL is made easy in Microsoft Access because of it's Graphical Query Designer which allows you to join tables and add filters or clauses to them. You can easily see the generated query actual Access SQL statement and modify it accordingly.
  8. Data Analysis Tool – because Microsoft Access allows you to build tables, data entry forms and reports quote easily, it is used as a Data Analysis tool in many organizations. Using Microsoft Office Access, you can for example, design a Survey, create a table to store the data, build a simple data entry form, build a report and then give multiple users access to the report. When the report is completed, you can also easily run SQL queries to analyze the report.
  9. Enterprise Database backend – users who are intimidated by enterprise databases like Oracle or even SQL Server can actually connect to any one of these databases, download or browse the data and write SQL queries without having to leave the safety and comfort of the Microsoft Access environment!
  10. Multi User Access – Microsoft Office Access supports a limited number of users accessing or editing it's data. It is sometimes seen as a better choice for data analysis projects where multiple users have to update, edit, delete or work with the same information while retaining each individual's ability to rapidly prototype, build or extend it using forms.

So, as you can see, the Microsoft Access Database Development tool is a powerful office productivity tool.

To get started, one thing that Microsoft Access can't do is enforce proper database design practices or write subqueries, complex joins, etc. That is why people go back to taking a strong SQL / Database Class after first falling in love with Microsoft Access.

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