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Data Analyst Training

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  1. The data analyst has the primary responsibility of collecting and analyzing data.

  2. The data analyst monitors and maintains the quality of data collected in a database system.

  3. The data analyst is responsible for the analytical techniques used in collecting, preparing and cleaning data before or after it is collected in a database.

  4. The database analyst may be required to design or develop the database or design and develop the queries and reports needed by end users or management teams.

  5. The database analyst designs and develops SQL queries for extracting information, trends, insights and metrics from data stored in the database. Therefore the data analyst needs to have strong SQL query writing skills.

  6. The data analyst gathers, analyzes, defines and validates the data requirement needs of an organization.

  7. The data analyst needs to be experienced in using, designing or developing relational database management systems based on SQL Server or mySQL or Microsoft Access or Oracle.

  8. The data analyst researches and identifies the sources of data in an organization and maps them to specific entities, attributes or domains.

  9. The data analyst defines or document the data transformations and mappings that need to occur between different data sources.

  10. The data analyst is responsible for the data quality requirements of a project.

  11. The data analyst monitors, investigates, corrects, and prevents data quality problems.

  12. The data analyst uses SQL to drill down into the relational database structure and identifies TRENDS, PATTERNS and INSIGHT.

  13. The data analyst looks at or summarizes data with the goal of extracting meaningful information or developing data based conclusions for management.

  14. The database analyst is responsible for analyzing or providing the historical, current, and predictive views of data stored in sales, production or financial databases.

  15. The database analyst needs to have strong data collection, data analysis, data validation and data preparation skills.

The SQL Boot Camp covers the training or skill requirements for data analyst jobs.

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    Data Analyst Training

    1. prady says:

      hii, can i get more information of data analyst and there role in present IT sector, i just completed my ME in communication engg wil i able to suit in this role,what will be the pay scale of data analyst and what is trhe fee structure and duration of the course and if any place ment assistance 100%, by the by i stay in hyderabad

    2. Sal says:

      Is there a link on the site where it breaks down the material covered? I’ve only come across what the data analyst role but I am curious to see more details or at least a summary of the topics that would be covered. THANKS!

    3. Fanny says:

      i am geologist ,i would to get more information and how to follow the training online

    4. rochelle says:

      Please send me more info on this training course

    5. Varadharajan Soorasangaran says:

      I would like to take up the data analyst training offered by Sql boot camp. please let me know on the fee structure and other process involved.


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