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Minnesota Classroom Teacher & Principal Changing Career To Data Analysis
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The toughest issue I\'m facing right now is making the switch out of the educational field.
I\'m working a lot with data in my current position and would love to have a job doing more of that . . . but not in the public school system.
I\'ve been a classroom teacher (9 years) and a school principal (4 years) and am anxious to moving into a new sector.
Trying to find the right training / certification/ etc. is a challenge. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!!!

  • Don\'t think in terms of \"What Certification or Training or College Degree\" will make you a data analyst or \"Rubber Stamp\" your resume, rather, think in terms of \"What problems will I solve in the real world as a data analyst\".

    This is where you can easily miss it, because the only thing that will \"Rubber Stamp\" your resume is a combination of \"Your Skills + Experience + Knowledge\".

  • What Type of Data Analyst Do You Want To Be?

    The first thing you want to do is get some knowledge about data analysis.

    Start by deciding what kind of data analyst you want to be.

    Look at different data analyst job descriptions and by reading them, form a view of the type of data analyst you want to be.

    There are data analysts that works as statisticians in research jobs / positions. These probably need a PHD. in Statistics. There are data analysts that work in the field of Economics or Finance as for example, Financial Data Analysts and then there are Data Analysts that work on improving websites as Web Analysts. Then there are also Information Technology (IT) Data Analysts, who along with Web Analysts may form the bulk of data analysts at work today.

    So, based on all this, what kind of data analyst do you want to be?

  • Update Your Data Analyst Resume

    Rewrite your resume to reflect all the data analysis work you have been doing.

    Then compare your resume after it has been rewritten to that of an ideal data analyst\'s resume.

    Then based on all this, find your skills gap .. the gap between the ideal data analyst resume and your resume.

  • Get Functional Data Analyst Knowledge + Skills + Experience

    Rather than trying to think of a data analyst certification in abstract terms, think in terms of what you must learn (data analysis knowledge) and what skills you must demonstrate and what type of data analyst experience you must demonstrate to get a job.

    You can gain knowledge through certifications, self study, online training or even a college degree ... but that knowledge will only be useful to you in the context of bridging the gap between your current skills / resume / knowledge and that required for your ideal data analyst job.