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How To Change Careers to Database Administration (DBA)


What\'s the best and fastest way to break into the field of Database development or DBA?
I have been a postal clerk for the past 22 years. My last degree was in 2007, an MBA in IT.
I\'m currently enrolled in a Master\'s program in Database Systems.
This is going to take too long. Don\'t you think?
Also, how would I go about finding a mentor?


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How Much Education Do You Need for a Database Administrator (DBA) Career?

Unlike careers in medicine or law, you are not legally required to have a college degree for a DBA type job.
That being said, many employers will ask for some college education and some will not.
However, all employers will require that you demonstrate enough technical knowledge / education (not necessarily college education) for your job.
Note that there is a big difference between the technical skills / knowledge required for your job and the more generalized education you get at college, even with an MIS / Computer Sciences degree.
While any college degree would be considered ok or enough college education for a DBA type job, a degree in Business Administration, Management Information Systems (MIS) or Computer Sciences may be better and a masters degree or an MBA would be considered being better than a 2/4 year college degree.
Keep in mind that employers are not as concerned about your college education lack of it as they are about your technical skills and hands-on experience.
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What Is The Difference Between Practical Database Administrator Education and a College Degree?

While a college degree / education will help you get a DBA type job, much more helpful and important is your technical Database Administration education and your hands-on skills / experience.
There is a difference between the broad / theoretical knowledge that you will gain from a 4yr. college even when your major is in Computer Science / MIS and the practical education / hands-on experience required for a database administration job
What employers are hiring for more than anything else is your practical knowledge and your hands-on skills which is generally not taught in college.

What Is The FastesT Way To Get a DBA Job?

The fastest way to get a DBA job (for new / aspiring DBAs) is to get hands-on experience at being a DBA and then add that to your resume and start applying for jobs.
Get lots of hands-on experience, skills and knowledge on different tasks performed by a DBA. For example, master Database Design & Development, Server Administration, backups and restores etc. Then document your experience on your resume and apply for jobs.
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