Career RoadMap for ORACLE PLSQL, FORMS & REPORTS Developers

How To Learn SQL or Databases
How To Learn SQL or Databases



I have a Masters Degree in Computer Applications.

I worked with Oracle SQL and PLSQL programming, FORMS & REPORTS as a Developer for the past 4 years.

I also worked for one year in developing web pages and Visual Basic.

My question now is : where to go from here? Should I continue in Oracle Forms & Reports as a PL SQL Developer?

Changing to Datawarehousing (Oracle Business Intelligence or Informatica) seems to be a more correct approach.

With this background can I go for Datawarehousing ? or should I go for any other technology?.

However I don’t have Datawarehousing experience … but I’m intrested in Datawarehousing. So I’m lost on what to do next!

Can you please help me?

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One Response to "Career RoadMap for ORACLE PLSQL, FORMS & REPORTS Developers"

  1. R.Manasa   April 28, 2012 at 7:08 PM

    I am intersted in sql and I want a SQL job.

    Right now, I am studying a post graduate (PG) in computer science

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