Career Path for Database Modelers


What is the career path to becoming a database modeler?

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One Response to "Career Path for Database Modelers"

  1. The SQL Boot Camp Training Team   July 14, 2011 at 10:46 PM
    • Database Modeling is not really a career path, not in the real sense of the word and not if you assume that is the only job you will do.

      A more realistic career path is a job where you will do database modeling in addition to other database functions!

    • Database Modeling is more like a skill that you learn or master or a role that you perform in addition to other similar roles.

      Though you may know those that are database modelers, they are so few and far in between that you will be like a cat chasing its own tail, if you try and get a job where all you will be doing 100% of the time is database modeling!

    • A more realistic scenario is where you do database modeling, database design, database normalization, database development and perhaps database maintenance. This means that you are looking into first becoming a database developer and from there become a datawarehouse developer or database administrator (DBA)!

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