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As A Postal Worker, How Do I Become A Database Developer?


I am 41 years old.
I have a BS in MIS, an AS in Software Development, and an MBA in Info Syst.
About 10 years ago, I worked in an IT department of a local hospital as a help desk tech. Did this for about 3 years. That's the extent of my hands on experience.
I would like to be a database developer.
I started studying for the MOS Access 2010 certification and I\'ll probably pass it.
But, how do I get a job? I have a full time position in the postal service and Ive been there 17 years.
No, I havent been able to find an IT position within the company and dont expect to.
I just dont want all that study to go to waste. Not to mention the money I could be making. Would making up a database, say in Access, be enough for experience to get me in the door?
Can I go in the door making at least $60K? How? I live in Birmingham, AL. Do I need to move?
Am I too old to \'start over\'? Would it be stupid for me to leave the so-called security of the government job? (Even with the turmoil the post office is going through)?


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  1. Is Age Important for Database Developers?

    As a general rule, don\'t focus on your age and don\'t worry about it since their is nothing that you can do abut your age.

    Do make sure that you are well dressed and prepared for your interview just like any other worker will have to be, regardless of their age.

    Their is such a high demand for skilled information technology workers, that, if you can deliver / perform, you will overcome any age discrimination.

    Of course, if you can\'t perform or if you are not skilled, then your age and every other negative factor will count against you!

  2. Does A HelpDesk Experience / Background Count Towards Being A Database Developer?

    Employers are looking for relevant experience, so, why your previous HelpDesk experience is helpful, it won\'t really count as relevant experience because it is not in the area where you are now looking for a job.

  3. Is Microsoft Access (MS Access) Experience Relevant Helpful for Finding a Database Developer Job?

    Ten (10) years ago, the answer would have been yes. But the Database Developer Industry has matured and right now, the skills that will get you a database developer job are either going to be SQL Server Database Development Skills or Oracle Database Developer Skills.

    Oracle has a steeper learning curve and is probably more challenging than SQL Server to learn. So, out of these two (2) options, I would strongly recommend that you choose and focus on learning SQL Server.

  4. How Helpful Is a Microsoft Office User (MOUS) Specialist Certification in Microsoft Access?

    A MOUS Certification may help you get an Office Administrator Job but you may end up really falling short of the $60K/Yr. you are hoping to earn.

    Does that mean that you should stop your MOUS Certification? Absolutely NO! Because, I firmly believe that one should always finish what one starts.

    Even if you set a new learning goal, don\'t abandon the current learning goals you have set for yourself otherwise, you may become dis-oriented and confused about what you are doing.

  5. Can You Get A $60,000/yr. Database Developer Job In Birmingham, Alabama?

    Yes, as long as you work on being the best database developer you can be and stop focusing / worrying about your age, since their is nothing you can do about your age :-)

    You may not have to relocate to get a job. As a matter of fact, the economy has been so good for Information technology (IT) Guys & Girls with the right skills in the last 5 years, that, I recommend that you stay where you are.

    Become the best database developer you can possible be. Network heavily with recruiters and send a polished, professionally done resume to as may employers / recruiters / staffing agencies as you can.

    Don\'t discuss your concern about your age with employers or recruiters because lack of self confidence will kill your job search!

    Keep in mind that no -one will believe in you ... if you don\'t first believe in yourself, OK?

Thank you. Thank you. \n\nI appreciate the positive reinforcement but I appreciate the honest assessment more. \n\nI\'ve given you my so called credentials thus far, and as you can see I have NO practical experience, plenty of academics, foundation, but no hands dirty work. \n\nSo, Id like to go the way of the SQL Server grasshopper. Where do I start Sensei? \n\nI read about certification and how I should really get experience before trying for certification. \n\nSo where do I start with SQL Server qualification? \n\nHow do I get a job?
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