SQL Boot Camp


"Live", Hands-On, Web-Based, Video Based, Instructor-Led SQL Query Writing & Relational Database Developer Training

  1. Web Based Online SQL or Database Training Courses:

    SQL Boot Camp is delivered to registered students via our web based, online training and learning management system (LMS).
    Web based training is more flexible than traditional, class based training or other forms of distance learning because you can log-in with a private or secure access and take your training at a convenient time, from the comfort of your home or office and from any location in the world.

  2. Video Based SQL or Database Training:

    SQL Boot Camp is delivered via instructional videos that walk you through the beginner to advanced topics in database design theory, database modeling, SQL based data querying and analysis, etc. You may watch the videos at home or in your office and learn from a SQL instructor or database trainer without having to be in the same physical class room location. The SQL training videos are delivered through our web-based, distance learning, online training system .
    The training videos are completely hands-on. You learn by watching or doing the tasks you the SQL instructor or trainer is performing.

  3. Database Practice Tests, SQL Training Quizzes or Database Exams:
    Your learning, comprehension or technical mastery are tested as you work your way through the SQL topics or database development concepts presented to you. The quizzes or exam are built into the web based SQL BOOT CAMP training system . They are designed into your database training class at regular intervals so you get regular feedback as you study and progress along the course.

  4. Experienced Instructor Led SQL Training or Database Development Class:
    You are assigned a SQL instructor or database trainer when you register for the SQL training package. You are also assigned open-ended essay quizzes by your instructor, who is responsible for reading your essay or quiz responses and grading them. You are also given private assignments by your database design instructor that require you to perform specific skill based tasks. You submit the homework or assignment back to your course instructor ... who grades it for you.

  5. Progress Feedback / Report Card:
    While attending SQL BOOT CAMP Training you are graded on every module, assignment, quiz, practice test and essay given to you. Your grade scores are displayed in an web based report card which is available only to you as part of your SQL / database training course.

  6. Private Discussions:
    During your SQL Training / Database Training program on SQL BOOT CAMP you may post a question, concern or discussion on any SQL / database topic, video, assignment or quiz presented to you and get personal assistance, feedback, answers, coaching and one-on-one mentoring from your SQL Instructor.

  7. Beginner to Intermediate to Senior Level Training:
    SQL Boot Camp is divided into multiple levels. The SQL BOOT CAMP training software system automatically moves you along your database training plan from one level to a higher level as soon as you work through all the videos, assignments, quizzes or essays assigned to you. You are notified by SQL BOOT CAMP when a new training video is posted by your instructor for you to watch, when it is time to take a practice test or quiz and when your instructor posts a question for you.

  8. Certificate Based Training:
    At the end of your SQL training or database design class or database development course you are mailed a completion certificate that contains your grades and the skills you mastered. You will also be able to access your transcript online on our secure, private, online learning management system.

  9. SQL Live Presentations / Seminars:
    We schedule live SQL development presentations or database training seminars. As a registered student of the SQL Training / Database Training program on SQL BOOT CAMP, you are notified every time there is a live, online database design seminar or web based database development conference and preregistered for it, You won\'t be required to pay for these seminars as well ... since you are a registered student on "SQL Boot Camp".

So, what are you waiting for ... go ahead and register for the SQL Developer Training / Database Training program

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